One Day In Windhoek

TheGoodGreeff - Heroes Acre view of Windhoek
Windhoek from Heroes Acre

The capital of the second least densely populated country in the world is Windhoek. Although you’ll only find 300 000 residents in this capital city,  you’ll find the world’s largest free roaming cheetah population.

Namibia is a popular destination for eco-tourists, and the two deserts -the Namib and the Kalahari are great places to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life, and study the stars. Chances are, if you are visiting Namibia, You’ll end up in Windhoek. Here the people are friendly, the culture is social and the scenery is not bad at all. Languages spoken most often, include English, Afrikaans and German.

Windhoek is not a shopping Mecca, but you’ll find everything you need here. The red meat quality is good- mostly free-range and organic. Typical German products and goods are freely available in many stores. Many products are imported from South Africa.

What To Pack

The weather is warm, and for the most part the dress code is fairly casual. In the city, you’ll find more formal attire, but you’re unlikely to find a suit and tie.  Pack sunglasses and a sunhat (especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outside)

How To Get There

By air or by road is how you will arrive in Windhoek. The international airport is Hosea Kutako (airport code WDH) and is located 45km east of Windhoek. This single runway airport has around 18 flights a day, coming from and going to O R Tambo in Johannesburg, South Africa.

TheGoodGreeff - Windhoek sunrise.jpg
Red eye flights from Windhoek

What To Eat

  • For a truly eclectic experience, Visit Joe’s Beerhouse. This pub is popular with locals and tourists alike. Constructed out of collections of… well everything, you won’t find any other  place like it.
  • Sardinia Blue Olive is a popular venue that is always bustling. They serve Italian food, seafood and Namibian meat dishes.
  • The Stellenbosch Wine Bar is a firm favourite in Windhoek. The menu boasts typical Namibian dishes, and a South African wine selection that is better than most.
  • In town, is Sicilia. This low key eatery is like home away from home. They serve a myriad of pizza and pasta with a helping of gelato.
  • Arebbusch Travel Lodge Restaurant is a comfortable inside-outside space that is frequented by locals for after work drinks. Perhaps the best of hotel-restaurants in Windhoek.
  • Bauern Stube Family Restaurant at 1 Thorpe street is a great local German ‘joint’. It is casual, laid back and the food and atmosphere is good.

What To Drink

  • Jagermeister and Kleine Keiler are the national drink in my mind, and are served everywhere.
  • Windhoek lager draught or light beer.
  • Vigo- marula and wild orange flavoured soft drink.
  • Springbokkie – a shooter of peppermint liqueur, topped with Amarula cream.
  • Try Bushbar for drinks. This contemporary hangout makes for a relaxing afternoon/ evening out.
  • Skybar at the Hilton for the view of Windhoek.

Things to see and do

  • Nature drives and safari’s to the nature reserves surrounding Windhoek
  • Adventure tours that depart from Windhoek
  • Namibia Craft Centre- a collection of arts and crafts from local suppliers and artists
  • The National Museum of Namibia has great views of Windhoek from the Heroes Acre
  • The landscape is not level in Windhoek, and there are many places from where you can enjoy a great view.
  • Have a snack or a drink at Joe’s Beerhouse.
  • Christuskirche – this church is perhaps Windhoek’s best known landmark.
TheGoodGreeff-Windhoek sunset
Views of Windhoek | The City

We hope you enjoy Namibia, and the town that translates to windy-corner!

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