Green Juice

My Favourite Green Juice

The Good Greeff-Green Juice ingredients
Green Juice | Apples, celery, limes and wheat grass


How often do you walk around in the mall around snack time, and think to yourself: “hmmm, I would love a smoothie right now!”? I have literally never. I like the dynamism that comes with a good cup of coffee. Also wine, whisky and I can literally dink bubbles any time of the day. If it didn’t feel so awkward to pop one every morning at 10h00 I may as well have been an avid  practitioner of sabrage…

So we got this smoothie maker. And smoothied the living daylight out of it. Just to have a very serious conversation – two weeks down- about how we are really fresh-juicers, and not smoothiers. I’m not sure if it was my banana, peanut butter and yogurt sludge, or my inability to comprehend what the point is if you have to water it down all the time. Baby food with extra liquid, right?

Since said conversation, we have reverted back to making our own fresh juices (promising that we’ll make a smoothie. Next week). We use a single auger, slow juicer (an Oscar to be precise), because it works really well on leafy greens.

Many moons ago, we had the regular fast blending types you get at major retailers, but after seizing the second juicer in as many months, we moved on to something a bit more qualified for our juicing needs. Now that the world of juicing was at our feet, the experimentation began. At first, everything was, politely put, olive green . Then my father made the miraculous discovery that you should juice matching colours together. I think today everyone knows this. But back then, we did not.

And so my favourite green juice was born.


  • 6 Pink lady apples
  • a hand-full of wheatgrass
  • 1 lime
  • 5 stems of celery- I juice the leaves too.

Other good flavours you can incorporate with wheatgrass and apple, include:

  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Cucumber
  • Mint
The Good Greeff- Green Juice flavours.jpg
Green juice add-ons | Ginger, mint, lemon, cucumber

Note: Green juices should not be made  too long in advance. Think of slicing an apple. How long does it take to turn brown? It’s not the end of the world, but you do lose a bit of the nutrients as a result of the oxidation. Green juices are a bit more sensitive to oxidation than, let’s say orange or deep red juices from root vegetables.

Why a slow juicer: produce is crushed, rather than chopped, and no nutrients, anti-oxidants etc. are lost to heat generated by the fast spinning motor.

The Good Greeff -Green Juice with Wheat Grass

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