Visiting St Petersburg? The must-do list is certainly topped by Peterhof palace. This 300 year old UNESCO world heritage site, is often called the Versailles of Russia. Sheer opulence is splayed all over the expansive, manicured gardens which terminates on the gulf of Finland. Here are a few of my favourites…

Opulent grand cascades at peterhof- the good greeff.jpg
The Grand Cascade at Peterhof

How to get there

The fastest (and most expensive) way to get to Peterhof from St Petersburg, is by water. The 45 minute trip will set you back about 700 RUR. Budget friendly alternatives includes travelling by train (red line) and bus. Travelling by rail and bus, takes about 1h30. If you are not in the mood to travel with either the locals or the tourists, travel by road, and take a private taxi or car from St Petersburg to Peterhof.

What to See & Do

Pack your walking shoes- this visit will be by foot.

The Upper Park or upper gardens used to be functional vegetable gardens. The Lower Park or lower gardens is a forest-like maze of a variety of water features, trees, formal gardens and smaller buildings. A tourist day pass costs about 500 RUR- and locals pay less than half of that.



  • Great Peterhof Palace
  • Marly Palace
  • Monplaisir Palace



  • Great cascade
  • Dragon cascade.
  • Marly cascade or Golden Hill
  • Lion cascade



  • Adam and Eve fountains
  • Dragon and chessbord cascade
  • Faun and a Kid Cloche fountains
  • Fable fountain
  • Menager fountains
  • Midway fountain
  • Neptune fountain
  • Nymph and Danaid fountains
  • Orangery Fountain
  • Oak fountain.
  • Pyramid fountain
  • Roman fountains
  • Samson fountain
  • Settee fountain
  • Sheaf fountain
  • Shell fountain
  • Square Pools fountains
  • Sun fountain
  • Triton Cloche fountains
  • Umbrella fountain
  • Voronikhin Colonnades fountains
  • Whale fountain


Where to Eat

The Great Greenhouse in Peterhof Lower Park serves beverages and light meals ready to go or freshly prepared.

Marble bust of the Grand Duchess Alexandra
Marble bust of the Grand Duchess Alexandra

Around every corner waits another beautiful surprise- I hope you have the opportunity to get lost in the Petergof parks.

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