Alberobello | Puglia| Italy and it’s famous trulli houses

The Good Greeff- Alberobello and its trulli houses.jpg
The trulli houses of Alberobello

Alberobello is situated about 60 km from Bari, 80 from Brindisi and less than 50km from Taranto- which are all on the coast of Italy. It is also located less than 30km from Polignano A Mare, where you’ll find Grotta Palazzese- the famous cave restaurant. Still no idea where I’m talking about? Well, Alberobello would be the glue that holds together the ‘high heel’ and the ‘base of the shoe’ of Italy. Therefore South-Southeast in Italy, in the province of Bari, Apulia.

With less than 11 000 inhabitants, this little village will steal your heart with its pointy stone roofs and white washed limestone passages. On the conical stone structures, families painted their family symbol or family crest in white paint. These trulli houses of Alberobello also happens to be a Unesco World Heritage site and nearby, you’ll find the farms that produce cherries for Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

The Good Greeff-Trulli houses of Alberobello.jpg
The trulli zone – World UNESCO heritage site

How To Get There

Travel to Alberobello by road or by rail. When flying to the region, consider Bari’s Karol Wojtyła Airport (Airport code BRI). There is a small train that travels from Bari to Alberobello. You could also fly to Salento Airport in Brindisi (Airport code BDS) and travel by car to see the trulli houses.

If travelling by sea, you are most likely to disembark at Bari. From here you make use of an organised tour or take the small train to Alberobello. The journey from Bari by train will take approximately 1 ½ hours. Travelling the odd 60km by car, will take approximately 1 hour.

What To Eat

  • Gelato- especially welcome in the hot, desert-like climate.
  • Cherries- June is cherry time.
  • Orecchiette or ‘little ears’ pasta.
  • You’re still quite close to the ocean, and should consider the seafood. As a major tourist destination, the supply should be steady and fresh.
  • Lamb is the most popular meat in the area.
  • Try Antica Salumeria del Corso for local cuisine.

What To Drink

  • Try the local wine- primitivo is the red wine from the area.
  • We had some great fresh fruit juices.

What To See And Do

  • See the unique trulli houses
  • Parrocchia Santuario Basilica S.S. Cosma E Damiano
  • Parrocchia Sant’Antonio di Padova
  • Wine tours and tastings
  • Cantina Albea winery and museum
  • Trullo Sovrano- see inside a trulli house
  • Spend time wandering in the trullis zone and make your own discoveries amongst the granadilla clad walls.

I remember meandering in the sloped streets of Alberobello, and feeling the cool, cherry flavoured gelato drip onto my hand. The long legs of the creamy syrup providing the smallest bit of relief from the hot, dry summer sun…

The trulli houses of Alberobello
The Unesco Trulli Zone in Alberobello, Italy

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