One Day in Santorini | Greece

Santorini-  Iconic Oia
Santorini, Greece | Iconic Oia

Infamous Santorini. If you make your way through the densely packed hordes of tourists, you will find one of the most picturesque places you’ve ever seen- It is not without reason that there are so many images of Santorini floating around. Perched on the cliff-like face on the west coast of this c-shaped island, lies the towns we most often associate with Santorini.

From the steep cliffs on the west coast, the island slopes down steadily, to meet the Aegean  on its East coast. In the 16th century BC a volcanic eruption would alter the landscape of Santorini forever. On the main island, the curved West coast forms part of the crater- now largely submerged under water. The volcanic slope on the East coast forms the largest part of the island, and is seldom discovered by short stay visitors. Here you’ll find wineries and a multitude small holdings in the hot desert climate.

The most iconic town on the island is Oia, characterised by its bright blue domes and maze of crisp, white passages. Here it is common to cross paths with a bride and groom en route to a photo opportunity amongst the white walls and island littered oceanscapes.

Santorini- Oia views.jpg

What To Pack

Santorini’s desert weather is hot, with little foliage for cover from the gleaming sun. Tourism is the driving force behind the micro economy of this quintessential Greek island, and the dress-code reflects the laid back air that trails vacationers. Here, almost anything goes- from swimsuits under translucent cover-ups and bare feet, to full-fledged trekker ensamples with hiking boots and knee high socks…

Our advice: Dress comfortably. Pack a hat and sunglasses. Wear comfortable shoes or sandals. Wear light, airy fabrics.  Remember sunscreen.

Santorini | Thira looking down on the old port

How To Get There

By water or Air.  Santorini (Thira) National Airport (Airport code JTR) is frequented by Olympic air and Aegean Airlines. During the summer months, charter flights from a number of airlines also travel to the island.

Santorini is a popular cruise liner stop. Guests disembarking here, will be taken to the ‘tourist port’ or ‘old port’ where small vessels tender guests between the cruise liners and the base of steep rock face beneath the town of Fira. From here you can choose to hike up to the town (±20 minutes walk), or take the cable car at the cost of about 6 Euros.

Note: There are mules and donkeys that carry tourists up and down the almost 600 stairs for a similar cost to the cable car. Due to the much debated poor working conditions and treatment of these animals, I cannot in good conscience endorse this as an option to travel to the town above.

3,5 km South of the old port -also on the West coast- is a larger port with road access to the water level. On the East coast is a number of small harbours that accommodate private and chartered vessels.

What To Eat

When in Greece… Delicious Greek dishes you can enjoy on the island includes the following

  • Moussaka
  • Greek salad
  • Spanakiopita- Spinach pies in a phylo like pastry
  • Roasted Greek lamb
  • Keftes or Kofta- think sausage shaped meat balls.
  • Fresh fish
Santorini- iconic Oia.jpg
Oia | Santorini

What To Drink

  • Local wine
  • Greek coffee/ turkish coffee
  • Local beer
Santorini- Coffee.jpg
Coffee with a view | Santorini

What to see and do

  • Visit Oia, and stroll through its narrow streets
  • You’ll find some great hiking trails here
  • Visit a winery
  • See the sun set in Oia or Fira
  • Amoudi Bay
  • Byzantine Castle Ruins
  • Thirasia island- over the water to the west, on the other side of the submerged crater
  • Armeni Bay
  • Rent a 4-wheeler/ ATV/ quad bike and explore the island on your own time
  • There are galleries and cultural tours on the island
  • Food and wine tours

We hope you have the opportunity to visit Santorini soon. Make sure you have loads of memory for your photography equipment.Everywhere you point your camera, a beautiful picture will appear in your viewfinder…

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