The Good Greeff

For some time now I’ve been wondering  about what to put down under ‘my first blog’. For most part because I’m not sure if I have anything worthwhile to say.

I want to add value while also chronicling our journey together. All those things we always said we were going to put down on paper, and never did. Trips we want to take, ones we have. Those awesome creations we cooked up when there was nothing in the house- and forgot to put down the recipe. Things we see that are innovative and beautiful and that results in pure desire. Designs that revolutionise spaces and figures. Things that are a joy to use and makes our lives better. Every day.

I sometimes struggle to come up with the right words. Occasionally they come easier, but for the most part it is like squeezing blood from a stone. To aid the sometimes sparse words, and complete the recollection of our story, our holiday happy snaps will have to suffice. In the mean time we’ll practice to take better pictures =)

Thank you for stopping by.  Hope to see you again.

We hope our journey can contribute to your next adventure.

The Good Greeff*


*Inspired by travel | Intrigued by food | Moved by design

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